Introducing Hand-made chairs from the Adirondack Mountains

Simply the Best Chair Ever Made

Meaning "tree of life": in Latin, Northern White Cedar is the most durable of all the wood found in the Adirondack Mountains. It is a soft wood that is virtually resistant to rotting.


Built to Last a Lifetime

Each chair is handcrafted with the finest Northern White Cedar wood - a durable wood known for its beautiful grain and rot resistance. The 50 year-old rounded cedar logs are cut and measured with meticulous precision and incorporated into our sleek design that guarantees timeless stability and style.

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Our small woodshop is located on our family property in upstate New York, and we are pleased to make our famous Adirondack chairs for families all across the United States.


Our Company History

Adirondack Woodshop started as a backyard family project. One summer, we designed and built a dozen chairs by hand, using the Northern White Cedar wood of the Adirondack Mountains that border our family property. It was long after making these custom Adirondack chairs for neighbors and friends that we decided to expand as a national brand.

  • Francis Martinez
    Charlotte, North Carolina

    I was surprised at how comfortable the chairs were to sit in! They are sturdy enough for the kids to play on and spacious enough for my husband and I to relax in.

  • Manon Deluxe
    Dahlonega, Georgia

    We love our Adirondack Woodshop chairs! They are the perfect addition to our country cottage.

  • Bary Gilson
    Lexington, Kentucky

    Putting together the chairs was a simple process. The instruction manual was easy-to-follow, and the online video outlined the step-by-step process.


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